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Rose City Realty About Our Real Estate Financing

Rose City Realty, Inc. was founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2001 by Preston Howard, a California mortgage broker and licensed real estate broker, with the mission of providing real estate financing solutions with corporate knowledge – with a personal touch.

“If the equity is there and the title is clean, in three weeks or less we can get you the capital that you need.”

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Rose City Realty - Mortgage Real Estate Financing Solutions

Rose City Realty, Inc. is known for its ability to set up financing for hard money loans and multi-family apartment loans, as well as real estate – based loans. This is most often due to financial institutions turning down those who have an immediate need for capital due to a change in their credit rating or a change in their current financial situation. 

If You Need RE Financing

Rose City Realty We Can Help

  • Hard Money Lending from $250K – $10M
  • Specializing in Multi-Family Apartment Buildings Loans
  • Private Party Real Estate – Backed Loans
  • Traditional Commercial Finance for Property Loans
  • Alternative Financing for Residential Properties
  • Available to Commercial/Residential Owners Across the U.S.